The title of this report might seem unique, but as you read on in this report you will see what School holidays has just started for my beaming mate Tobs, and he contacted me to see if I was keen to target some bream. It didn’t take to longer before […]

Everything Happens in Threes.

Firstly, both Matty and I want to apologise for the lack of reports. Matty has had his second child and I am back at uni studying, this has meant that fishing has taken a back seat. However we are looking at addressing this and hoping to get some more report […]

Blades For Salmon

After getting some substantial amount of rain, it was decided that the fresh was worth exploring. On the weekend it was going to be the first time that we have fished this stretch of water at this height. Only 5 days ago the rivers height was recorded at 8meters. The […]

Out West With Westin

It feels like we are near half way through the year and there hasn’t been a report yet. It was perfect tides and after a discussion with a fellow work colleague Pete, it was decided to hit a local creek. With the alarm set for 4:00am it was going to […]

First Report For 2016

Two Sunday’s ago we had been planing the following trip for quite some time.  Tob’s mate Serge was on his way down from Townsville to come for fish and catch up. Even before we hit the water the competitive nature came out and before you knew the following excel spread […]

Meeting Serge

The is only one word that can describe this one particular Saturday that we went fishing for Saratoga and that is wow!! It had been a long time since Affie, Sean and myself had been out for a fish and when a tag-a-toga event popped up on our Facebook, we saw this […]

Trio Of Toga

  From the picture above, we managed to catch the small, medium and large of flathead. This was the highlight of the weekend’s trip, a triple hook up.  Due to the tides an adventure was on the cards, a new system to explore and new lures to try out. We […]

Small Medium Large

  On Saturday, I had the opportunity to head out and focus on tagging some fish. I had my offsider Sean and the faithful poly boat. We started the morning with hitting the marina and looking for some bream. In the end we had no luck, but it was then […]

Tagging Expedition

A few months back, Jarrod a fellow JML angler reached out to us to see if we can put him on to his first barramundi. Jarrod is from Melbourne and had a spare day or two while in Airlie beach on a holiday. It was a cold Saturday morning in […]

Single Digit Salmon